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Bounce House Houston and Cheap Moonwalk Rentals
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 About Us 

Hard to believe, it has been over FIFTEEN YEARS of events for our little company! What a journey. From 6 little moonwalks, we have grown beyond our wildest imagination. On July 1, 2013 Affordable Moonwalks Etc. LLC acquired all equipment from Airtime Amusements. Airtime was a premier supplier of rides and amusements to many of Houston's largest events. With that acquisition, many new rides and inflatables fill our warehouse. Leaps & Bounds, a Swing Ride, and too many inflatables to list have all joined our inventory. But worry not, the same attention to detail, friendly staff, and on-time record remains at Affordable Moonwalks! We will continue to meet or exceed all Texas State requirements for both insurance and inspections (Click Here to see our insurance listing at Texas Department of Insurance, see page 2. Click Here to see our listing of inspected units at Texas Department of Insurance, see pages 9 and 10.). As it has been from the beginning, SAFETY is our number one priority.

Churches, we specialize in Membership drives and Youth Group activities. If you have an event planned and you do not have inflatables on the venue, you are missing a great opportunity to entertain your kids. They absolutely go crazy for inflatables and interactives! If you want those children talking at school about how great the party was, give them a Rock Wall and Obstacle Course. We have a wide variety of rides and games from which to choose.

Schools, our depth of experience with Carnivals and Fund Raisers can help make your event a success. No carnival is complete without inflatables and concessions. Kids want to be challenged and they love to compete against their friends, see the Interactives page. We have products for ALL age groups and levels of ability to meet your needs. As many schools have learned, if you want your fund raiser to be a hit and make money, you have to draw as much of your student population as you can. Our products draw kids like magnets. Our experience can help you plan for the event to ensure all the kids have a safe and memorable experience. We offer free quotes and also on-site visitation to help you meet your event budget.
Our competitive pricing will help you meet your budget needs and still provide a fun-filled day for the kids. Don't let other companies fool you into believing that their "cheap" bid compares to ours. We offer only the highest quality commercial grade inflatables and rides for your event. Too many times we have seen what other companies bring to the game and it is sadly lacking. So often we get the last minute call from a frantic PTO that their provider has left them high and dry for a myriad of reasons. Excuses such as no insurance, equipment broken, driver is lost, we have heard them all. The bottom line is this business is tougher than it looks. If you aren't spending 70% of your time planning and 30% executing, you will be a provider that disappoints people. After 13,000+ events, we still love hearing our customers say that once they call us, they know everything will be taken care of and they can relax!
The Eye's of Texas are Upon You, Affordable Moonwalks Ect.


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The Eye's of Texas are Upon You, Affordable Moonwalks Ect.
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