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Bounce House Houston and Cheap Moonwalk Rentals
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How do I go about reserving an inflatable from you?

Call us at 281-879-0179 for a reservation from 9 am to 7 pm 7 days a week or you can inquire about availability by email at Contact_Us.  Also the new online option, Click For Quote ,if you are needing a quote for a larger event, tell us what items you desire, the date, times  and location for your event. Our goal is to make this an easy process for you and your organization.

When do I pay?

Payment in full is expected at time of delivery of the unit(s).

How can I pay for my rental?

We gladly accept both Check and Credit Cards for payment. Credit Cards we accept are: Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. To pay by Credit Card, simply give us the information at the time of booking. If your event is being held in a County or City Park, or a location different than your home, your Insurance fee will be charged prior to the Insurance forms being sent to the proper authorities.
For commercial events, payment is expected at time of delivery unless prior arrangements have been made. If your organization requires an invoice from which to pay, let us know and we can email it to you direct.

Do you provide any guarantees?

Yes, we will be on time for your booked event or it is Free.


Do you provide attendants, or do I need to get volunteers to operate the equipment?

We can provide attendants for an additional fee. If you desire, we can train your volunteers in all safety aspects needed to man the equipment. Whichever works best for you.

My organization is not taxable, what do I need to do to keep from being charged sales tax?

Simply provide us by fax (281-754-4850) a Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption form. Here is the link to the form: ( )
Just complete the form, print it, sign it, and fax it back to us. However, in the absence of this form, we are required by the State of Texas to collect Sales Tax on every transaction.


Do I have to rent one for the entire day or can I rent one for shorter periods of time?

For Moonwalks your rental options are for either a 4 hour rental, or a 8 hour rental. You can, if the need arises, keep the unit overnight for an additional charge.
Larger items such as Obstacle Courses, Rockwalls and other commercial pieces are rented by the hour and we will gladly quote your event based on the date, times and location of the event.


Are your units safe? Will you teach me how to have a safe day of fun?

Yes, they are designed from the ground up with safety in mind. Walls are mesh nylon, not standard netting which can allow kids to climb and get hurt. Our moonwalks are designed with no front step to avoid the urge to use the step as one last bounce and being ejected onto the ground. Our large commercial pieces are constructed of the highest quality materials designed to be safe and durable. All Rockwalls employ the "Auto-Belay" system that utilizes air pressure to slowly lower the rider back to the ground. In addition, we review all safety rules with you prior to use. While no one can guarantee safety, we do everything we can to promote safe use of our products to ensure your day is filled with fun.

What is the Insurance Fee you charge?

Events that are held in locations other than homes, such as City/County parks, will be charged an additional insurance fee. Many locations require not only that we been insured, but also that they be added as Additional Insureds on OUR policy. In addition, Affordable Moonwalks assumes a higher level of liability when your event is at a location different than your home. For these events we will assess a minimum $25 fee or 10% of the order total if over $250.00 on all transactions. This fee will be charged to your Credit Card at the time we submit the required insurance forms to the controlling authority.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

We DO NOT require deposits as do many other companies, we instead try and run our business by the golden rule, treat you as we would have ourselves treated. We ask that as soon as you become aware of a need to cancel, please notify us immediately. We do appreciate your help in making the world a better place!

Those events that require insurance paperwork to be submitted may cancel prior to the paperwork being sent and not be charged the Insurance fee. If however, the paperwork has been submitted, the Insurance fee will not be refunded.

Due to additional labor involved in Commercial events, we require you to notify us no later than the day before the event if weather will be a problem for you. While we regret this inconvenience, we must be able to notify our attendants in advance to avoid any costs.


What do I do in the event of rain?

Cancellation prior to delivery due to inclement weather absolves you of any commitment. However, once we deliver and setup the product, no refund is available. If you believe that inclement weather may be a problem, we ask that you cancel prior setup of the unit. In the event that high winds are prevalent at time of delivery, our representative may make a determination that it would not be safe to setup the unit. If that is the case, you would bear no financial responsibility and would not be required to pay.  

Do I deflate the unit if it starts to rain? 

NO!  Please do not deflate the unit unless directed by a representative.  Contact us with questions, thanks.

Can you set up inflatables on concrete?

For smaller items such as moonwalks, yes, provided we can get at least two (2) anchors into the ground and winds are not in excess of 15mph. Sandbags would be used for the remaining two anchors. Winds in excess of 15 mph would prevent us from safely anchoring the unit on a concrete surface unless all 4 anchors can be driven into the ground.

For larger low height items such as Obstacle Courses and Bungee Runs we can set them up on concrete, but they will be sandbagged and winds may not exceed 15 mph at any time.

For larger slides, it is not advised to set them up on concrete due to their top-heavy stature and susceptibility to tipping over even with no wind. The danger increases with the presence of ANY wind. Sandbags are not effective with slides in any wind. Only ground anchors can provide a safe reliable method of securing slides. Many times we hear that "Other Companies" have set up their slides on concrete. While this may be the case, we have read incident reports that indicate the sole reason the slide tipped over was due to poor anchoring and its location on concrete.

On what surface would you not set up an inflatable?

SAND! Sand in, near, on, or around the inflatable is bad news! If sand gets into the inflatable, not only will your children get sore feet and knees from the abrasion/rubbing (ouch, not fun), the inflatable cleaning crew will die when they get there as well!!

The Eye's of Texas are Upon You, Affordable Moonwalks Ect.


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The Eye's of Texas are Upon You, Affordable Moonwalks Ect.
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