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Bounce House Houston and Cheap Moonwalk Rentals
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 Swing Ride 

Affordable Moonwalks Etc: Swing Ride

Affordable Moonwalks Etc.:Swing Ride in action, Large Volume Swing Ride - Hold 20-30 riders - 300 to 600 per hour.

Swing Ride (up to 30 riders)

All ages enjoy the thrill of the Swing Ride. You get big ride exceitment at a small ride price! This ride has no age limit so don't be afraid to climb aboard with your young ones and enjoy it with them. 

No carnival is complete without this piece. This high volume ride will handle 20-30 riders every 3 to 4 minutes.  That is 300 - 600 riders per hour.  This ride can help your fund raiser be a smashing success. 

Potential Profit: 20 riders every 4 minutes (1 minute ride time) is 300 per hour at $3.00 per ride that is $900 per hour gross revenue.

Potential Profit: 30 riders every 3 minutes (1 minute ride time) is 600 per hour at $3.00 per ride that is $1800 per hour gross revenue.

Requires a 40' x 40' Space MINIMUM

Sets up on firm grass or concrete. No sand or gravel surfaces allowed. 

2 operators are included.

Electricity is included 

The Eye's of Texas are Upon You, Affordable Moonwalks Ect.

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More Than 20 Years Serving Texans, YeeHaw!

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The Eye's of Texas are Upon You, Affordable Moonwalks Ect.
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